Psychosocial support

Many GBV survivors suffer from mental health problems that hinder them to fully engage in the social, political and professional field. Psycho-social support is an indispensable element when supporting GBV survivors. TPO has developed a series of new and innovative interventions to respond to the needs of Khmer Rouge survivors and the Cambodian context.

Beneficiaries Female Civil Parties
Activities Self-help groups:  This intervention brings a group of women together with a similar experience of GBV in the past to share their experience, find support from each other and contribute to the healing process.
  Counseling and medical treatment: Individual treatment is provided for a number of Civil Parties with severe trauma and other forms of mental health problems.
  Testimonial Therapy:  This innovative approach combines individual truth-telling with a public ceremony where the suffering is acknowledged.
  View a short documentary  film on testimonial therapy under Audio-Visual Material.
  Research:  To fill the gap of studies on mental health and needs of female Civil Parties, a survey will be conducted to better assess the specific issues.