Demanding Justice for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge

Published by UN Women on 24 June 2013

Following the adoption of a new resolution on conflict-related sexual violence by the UN Security Council, UN Women released this article describing the project of VSS, TPO and CDP which is funded by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women.

Women’s Hearing 2012 Report Online

On 11 and 12 October 2012, CDP in cooperation with TPO and VSS organized the second Women’s Hearing under the title “Asia-Pacific Regional Women’s Hearing on Gender-Based Violence in Conflict”.

The English report of the proceedings is now available under Publications and Material.

Forced Marriage Charges possibly adressed in Case 002/03

In their Decision on Severance of Case 002 following Surpreme Court Chamber Decision of 8 February 2013 issued on 26 April 2013, the Trial Chamber of the ECCC rules that forced marriage charges will not be included in the first sub-trial of Case 002/01 for the following reasons:

“Inclusion of offences concerning forced marriage and rape in addition confront particular issues, some of which stem from their manner of incorporation into the Case 002 Closing Order, which binds the Trial Chamber. Their inclusion also remains subject to the resolution of various legal challenges concerning the exact nature of the crimes alleged.” (Paragraph 160, p.69)

In the Tentative Plan for Future Trial of the Remaining Portions of Case 002 which is annexed to the decision, the Trial Chambers lists the charges of forced marriages under Case 002/03, the third and final sub-trial. However, in the decision the Chamber emphasizes that such “… a timetable for future trials could be based only on unknown contigencies, outside the control of the Trial Chamber, such as the continued fitness of the Accused to be tried and the continuity of donor support to the ECCC” (Paragraph 153, p. 65).

Downloead the full decision here.