GBV under the Khmer Rouge

Tragically, sexual and other gender based violations are widespread in times of conflict with Cambodia being no exception. When Cambodia emerged from three years, eight months and twenty days of Khmer Rouge rule on January 7, 1979, the term gender based violence (GBV) had yet to be coined. While GBV is now widely understood, sexual and other gender based violations do not feature prominently in the dominate narrative of the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge. On the contrary, due to a misunderstood Khmer Rouge policy according to which so-called “moral offenses” were punished, the myth that “rape did not happen during the Khmer Rouge” is still a widespread myth today. This information platform contributes to disprove this myth and uncover these untold stories.

Facts and Figures summarizes the results of those few researches that have studied GBV during KR.

Impact Today describes the on-going consequences reported by GBV survivors.

Survivor Profiles  give a voice to the messages of GBV survivors and witnesses.

Prosecution of GBV at the ECCC outlines in how far criminal justice for GBV survivors has been achieved so far.